Open Circle — Every Sunday

The Celtic Ensemble hosts an open community session every Sunday of every month.
So bring your song, instrument, poem or short reading to join in.

C E Group Photo
“Becomes Her Vision"
Book & CD

Timothy W. Brittain—violin, percussion

Kathleen Hartshorne—harp and vocals

Jack Haydenguitar, mandolin, vocals

Jim Moore—guitar and vocals

Claudia Poquoc—vocals, bodhran (drum),

Carlos Warner—rhythmic bones, storytelling, illustration

The term “Celtic Music” is an interesting one. Although most people think of Celtic as being Irish music (which does compose a large part of it, along with Scottish), it actually comprises music as far east as India, and as far west as the Pacific coast of North America.
      We are not a traditional “Irish” band, but a unique and eclectic group dedicated to spiritual connections between fellow humans and our world. We hope to uplift humanity in some small way through the magic of myth, music and dance.
Sundays, 4–6pm at Twiggs Tea and Coffee
4590 Park Blvd. in the Green Room (Madison & Park Blvd.)
in San Diego, California
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